Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy treatment


Mesotherapy by Insparya

The hair mesotherapy it's a biostimulation treatment and capillary nutrition, which consists of the subcutaneous administration of a preparation that biologically activates the cells of the follicular unit thereby promoting the production of hair of higher quality and resistance.

Our exclusive solution contains:

  • Vitamins, proteins and mineral salts that will be used for the production of hair from the first moment;
  • Growth factors that will stimulate the follicular units to produce stronger and more resistant hair;
  • Antioxidant factors that reduce oxidative stress and thus slow down follicular aging;
  • Antiandrogenic factors that locally block the damaging action of testosterone on capillary production;
  • Hyaluronic acid that will integrate the hair fiber produced and make it more hydrated and resistant to breakage and loss.

Mesotherapy has practically no side effects or contraindications, and for this reason it is a safe and effective treatment from a preventive perspective of alopecia, always producing an increase in the quality of hair produced.

The exclusive composition of the mesotherapy administered at Insparya guarantees us the best results.

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