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We work for the wellness of our patients

Insparya is the perfect combination of the expertise acquired over many years, with a strong focus on technological innovation, equipped with instruments and a world-class modus operandi.

Insparya is composed of physicians, nurses, clinical advisors and researchers, constantly growing and training, with more than 125 elements.

The medical team is composed of diverse specialties, all of them fundamental elements in the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia, from dermatology to general and family medicine passing through psychiatry, anesthesiology and corrective and reconstructive medicine. We also bet on the specific certified training in the reconstructive treatment of alopecia.

Insparya has a research department in its clinical branch, ranging from stem cell research to robotics, aimed at the development of work tools that allow the continuous evolution of the hair transplant process, and the development of scientific studies that complement and improve the technical component.

Its clinical team is composed by elements that besides the remarkable experience in this area have the recognition of the most prestigious societies worldwide, both clinically and in research.

We seek to make our patients reborn with a desire to win.

Dr. Carlos Portinha

chief medical officer

Carlos Portinha is a graduate of the faculty of medicine of the University of Porto (1992-1998).

With about 10 years of experience in the FUE technique and with more than 35,000 patients operated by his team, he is also responsible for specialized publications, international and national, and communications in specialized conferences in alopecia.