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At Insparya the most important thing is our patients.

We collect some of the testimonies of people who, like you, suffered from alopecia and have put an end to their problem thanks to the hair transplant in Insparya.

Testimonials | Hair transplant

Insparya patients already enjoying their change.


Follicular units: 3666
Implantation areas: 2 to 4
Elapsed time: 14 months

«I was very impressed when the hair started to grow. The way they were put on is, it seemed natural»


Follicular units: 4571
Implantation areas: 2 to 6

«I want to throw away those stupid hats that all of us who suffer from alopecia wear.»


Follicular units: 3338
Implantation areas: 2 to 5
Elapsed time: 18 months

«I had the intervention about a year and a half ago, and the truth is that the results are unbeatable.»


Follicular units: 3765
Implantation areas: 2 to 6
Elapsed time: 2 years

«I think it's one of the best things I've done in my life and I'm very proud of it»


Follicular units: 1502
Implantation areas: 2 to 6
Elapsed time: 3 months

«I didn't want to shave my head, that was what held me back the most. The message that I would give to every woman is that they do not hesitate.»


Follicular units: 3356
Implantation areas: 2 to 6
Elapsed time: 6 months

«Look at the great hair I have, it's that I already have problems with how to comb my hair.»

What they say about us on Google

Jose Luis Herraez Hernandez

To say that the experience has been wonderful. Thanks to all the staff, great treatment from the consultation, the day of the intervention and the same follow-up. The whole team made me have a great time throughout the intervention, some real cracks. Whoever is thinking about it, I tell him not to hesitate and do it now!

Nicolas Hernández

Exquisite treatment, beautiful facilities, in my case they gave me the best advice on hair grafting. Very professional and if the option is not viable, they advise you so that later there are no disappointments.

Antonio Vasilev

From the first moment the attention and treatment received was exceptional. They treated me great at all times, thanks to the team for their kindness and professionalism. They explain in detail how the intervention is carried out and the treatments that must be carried out after the intervention. Now it's time to wait for the results. Thank you so much for everything!

M.angel Ruiz Rios

I am very happy with the clinic and the staff. 100 x 100 recommendable since I had a transplant in Turkey and they did not do it well for me. In Insparya I have found incredible treatment and trust. Thank you very much to all the staff for the kindness, good treatment and work.

Alejandro Jimenez Carmona

Team, clinic and experience of 10! From the moment you start your experience and until you finish with them, they make you feel at home. It is worth investing a little more to achieve the expected result with 100% success. Thank you to the whole team for your kindness and professionalism!!