Quality politics

No. 1 in Portugal and Spain in the field of reconstruction and hair health



Insparya is dedicated exclusively to diagnosis and treatment in the area of ​​Alopecia.

Our mission is to provide the patient with a specialized and personalized service, in accordance with the best practices associated with each of the medical treatments and clinical procedures that we offer.

Insparya offers the most advanced technology and the best professionals in performing hair, eyebrow and beard hair transplants. All dermatological and hair treatments are carried out by professionals with extensive training in treatments (oral, topical or infiltrative) for hair loss, thus contributing to a significant improvement in the well-being and self-esteem of our patients.



We intend to be recognized by our patients as a reference clinic for its innovative clinical practices and treatment efficacy, as well as personalized support for each of our patients.

We are the clinical leader in Portugal and Spain in the field of reconstruction and capillary health.



The objectives of the Quality Policy are:

1. Center all its activity around the patient, guaranteeing a humanized and personalized treatment at all stages;

2. Guarantee the performance of effective treatments, based on the most recent scientific knowledge, on innovative, safe and effective techniques for capillary reconstruction and for diagnosis, prevention and treatment;

3. Meet the expectations of patients, applying clinically appropriate procedures to each patient, safeguarding the safety of each medical act at all times;

4. Guarantee the participation of all the collaborators of the Clinic. Our highly qualified team aspires to be the best at what it does and uses all its efforts in that regard. Our professionals are competent, have a passion for what they do and always fulfill their commitments;

5. Improve and optimize processes, making the most of available human and media resources;

6. Privilege the selection of duly qualified partners and suppliers, promoting association relationships.

The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and compliance with the requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001 Standard are objectives and responsibilities of all Insparya employees.