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From an early age, more concretely at age 19, I was affected by alopecia, which greatly influenced my self-esteem. I realized the importance of the image and the way it is reflected in health and well being. Until I had hair loss I did not imagine that such a situation was so conditioning. By medical recommendation, I performed several hair, topical and dermatological treatments, I invested a lot of money in the search for a solution that, unfortunately, I could not reach.

I soon realized that there was much to do in this sector since the techniques and procedures used were very rudimentary and in technological terms there was no dedication to this subject.

Alopecia is classified as a disease by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), defined by the World Health Organization, and affects more than 50% of men and about 30% of women worldwide.

I realized that this hereditary disease has an impact at all levels. Isolation, lack of social interaction and the use of unsuccessful drugs or treatments generate, in the medium and long term, irreparable consequences on the health and well-being of thousands of men, women and adolescents.

This circumstance was the great impetus to motivate me to found a clinic with the mission to help people who suffer with this type of problems.

Considering the success achieved in Portugal, with more than 100 famous people and more than 45.000 transplants performed looking for the services of Saúde Viável, many of them giving their testimony for the effectiveness of the results, it is time for us to help people from other regions of the globe.

Focused on our mission to help people in other countries, we created Insparya, together with Cristiano Ronaldo, who recognizes the quality and success of the work developed for more than 13 years by Saúde Viável showing himself in love with the project.

Cristiano Ronaldo is, by his work capacity and spirit of sacrifice and overcoming, an inexhaustible source of inspiration all over the world.

Starting in Madrid, Saúde Viável and Cristiano Ronaldo will begin the creation of a group of clinics in the area of transplantation and capillary health of high prestige worldwide, resorting to innovative treatments and exclusive technology.

Insparya uses the most sophisticated technology, invests in continuous training and education programs and bets on allied research at the most prestigious medical, scientific and technological centers of study.

We also bet on social responsibility, as a result of the main objective of the founders of this project, so that services, treatments and products are available to all who suffer from this disease.

Having hair again or having the hair you dream is within everyone’s reach and everyone has the right to smile when they look in the mirror.

Like Cristiano Ronaldo, number 1 in the world, this project will undoubtedly be a giant step in research and the discovery of a new reality that we strive to achieve every day.

A partnership that only aims for the top place in the Hair Health area, in its most diverse aspects,seeking,every day, perfection in the solutions it presentsto those who seek us.

The best team for a unique project