Mission, vision and values


We are a hair group specialized in alopecia and hair health with the mission of satisfying the needs of our patients under the standards of excellence and quality in all our services.

To carry out this mission, we assume and develop:


  • An intense work of technological and biomedical research continues with the aim of improving the tools and resources available to end the alopecia of our patients.
  • Personalized care adapted to the needs of each patient.
  • Continuous training of our professionals, as well as promoting research studies in the clinical and capillary field.

In the Insparya Group we aspire with our work to:

  • Become the maximum medical reference in alopecia, follicular unit and hair transplants.
  • Stand out for the quality and satisfaction of the needs of our patients.
  • Discover techniques and tools that allow to solve the alopecia of all types of patients.
  • Quality: We seek continuous improvement in the quality of our transplants and treatments, which is why research is at the base of our essence and work style.
  • Continuous patient care: We not only treat our patients on the day of the intervention, but also carry out a post-transplant follow-up of 18 months, to ensure that the results and the quality of the transplant correspond to the quality of Insparya.
  • Equity: Equality in patient access to our services, regardless of their social and economic status.
  • Efficiency: Efficiency in the processes of diagnosis and treatment of hair health pathologies.
  • Efficacy: We seek an optimal result in the treatments of our patients.
  • Team spirit: The familiar and close treatment of our professionals and their enthusiasm translates into greater satisfaction on the part of our patients in all the group's clinics.