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We take the excellence of the procedures we perform farther, which is why we invest in the research and development of scientific studies that complement and improve the technical component, such as research in the area of stem cells. Promoting the discovery of alternative solutions so that those who do not have sufficient donor area see redensified and restored the area with no hair, situation that affects and conditions health and self-esteem.

Research and development projects are based on a scientific and technological approach that will follow two essential complementary pathways: the exploration of the potential of the stem cells of the follicular units and the development of artificial three-dimensional environments capable of mimicking the stem niche of the follicle, thus providing the ideal environment for the multiplication of these cells.

Recent advances in regenerative medicine may be the key to resolving the availability of hair follicles in number and quality sufficient to meet the needs. This is precisely what we want with this project.

Currently the technology we have available is limited to the source of healthy follicles that always have their origin in the patient. Hence the importance of overcoming this limitation.

This is a cutting-edge research project. It is intended to develop stem cell research that, by allowing the multiplication of follicles, can eliminate a problem that affects women and men around the world