Insparya Divisions

Technology, science and training

INSPARYA HAIR SCIENCE: biomedical research

The objective of the Insparya biomedical research team is to develop hair rejuvenation strategies based on interdisciplinary knowledge and multi-methodological approaches.

The main project of Insparya Hair Science tries to achieve the multiplication of stem cells, going from the three-dimensional organization of a follicular unit to a two-dimensional one. We seek to promote the discovery of alternative solutions, so that those who do not have enough donor area can see the area devoid of hair restored, a situation that affects and conditions their health and self-esteem.


Insparya is committed to the development of work tools that allow the continuous evolution of the hair transplant process. For this reason, we invest in the research and development of technological solutions that improve the process and quality of hair transplant execution every day.

Thanks to our investment in research, we have self-developed technological innovations that cover the entire spectrum of hair health care, from diagnosis, intervention, monitoring or training of our teams.


Insparya Hair Academy is an inspiration and training project, which Insparya makes available to collaborators with the aim of providing specific and advanced training to its professionals, in particular doctors, nurses, clinical advisors and researchers.

Our mission is to educate and inspire through specialized techniques and continuous training. This project is part of our ongoing commitment to invest in innovation and modernization, contributing to its evolution and transformation, thus providing unique experiences to our collaborators.

Insparya is associated with several public and private organizations as well as universities, in the area of research, innovation and health with the aim of revolutionizing hair health.