Anti-fall shampoo

Anti-fall shampoo


Prevent-HA by Insparya

– Formulated with hyaluronic acid and marine algae
– Prevents hair loss
– Indicated for weak, fine and brittle hair
Repairs and regenerates the protective barrier of the epidermis
Revitalizes and reduces skin irritation
– Its use regulates, stimulates cellular metabolism and regenerates hair fibers


Anti-hair loss shampoo for both men and women. Adjuvant for the prevention of hair loss. For weak and fine hair. A natural shampoo composed of seaweed and hyaluronic acid, the hair is repaired from within, giving it a feeling of fullness and elasticity while preventing breakage, dryness or loss of shine. Helps repair and regenerate the protective barrier of the epidermis to make it vital again and reduces skin irritation. Used regularly, it stimulates cell metabolism and regenerates hair fibers.

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